Welcome to BOTR.


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If you’re a woman who’s angry, fired up, or sick of smiling while men make you squirm in your seat, welcome.

If you’re a troll, also welcome. I’m sure anything you want to say, I’ve heard before. So have at it – the wage gap is a myth, the friend zone is real, it’s really men who are oppressed when you think about it, male superiority is just biology really. Have at it.

I started this blog because I’m sick of filtering. I’m a feminist and I’m mad. I’m mad that when I walk down the street I clutch my keys between my fingers in case I have to gauge any eyes out. I’m mad that every 9 seconds a women is assaulted or beaten in the United States.  I’m mad that 1 in 6 women in the United States is a victim of rape. I’m mad that young, white men commit the vast majority of shootings but we still give them guns like assault rifles are a birthright. I’m mad that suicide is an epidemic for men, for the ones who have no other option but to turn the violence they’re told makes them “manly” inward at their own expense.

I’m mad that when we talk about these things, we’re told that we’re just ugly and fat and men must hate us and we just need to get laid.

(For the record: My dad is awesome and I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me. So those accusations won’t really do much in terms of attacking me personally. Besides: Why are people so quick to scoff “daddy issues” when a girl is mad or depressed or sexual or slightly imperfect? As if men control everything, even a woman’s outcome in life.)

I’m mad that even with how advanced our country is, we have a problem with gender, and that feminists are “crazy” for wanting to not be raped and for men to have outlets that don’t include slaughtering dozens of children.

Talking about rape is uncomfortable.

Talking about violence is uncomfortable.

That’s because it is uncomfortable. But we have to start somewhere.

And I’m starting here. I want everyone who reads this blog to think. To think hard about their world and how they treat the people in it, how they react to the people in it. But this blog is for me. I will rant and I will rave and I will laugh because if I do not laugh at the constant mistreatment of women in this world then I will cry.

And I’m sick of it. And I bet you are too.

The title for this blog is crude and might make cause some people (those who find it hard to believe that vaginas are for something other than having sex with) cringe. That’s the point.

You can call me a bitch. You can say I’m just “on the rag.” These sorts of terms have been used to dismiss, degrade and demean women for centuries. But I won’t let them.

And you shouldn’t either.


Bitch on the Rag

Disclaimer: I identify as a feminist, but anything I write or post is not representative of feminism as a whole. Feminism is about equality of all genders, which I obviously believe in because I don’t have my head up my ass. But as I said, this site is for my unfiltered thoughts and at times I’ll probably say something offensive or shitty. Actually, I will definitely say things that are offensive and shitty. So don’t go railing that all these feminists are crazy when really it’s probably just me. They don’t deserve that. Again: This blog does not reflect the feminist movement as a whole.