Photo by helloolly via Creative Commons

If you’re a woman who wants to rant/vent about some scum who catcalled you today, or that gross crusty guy who sent you an unwarranted dick pic, or that slimy tool who broke your heart five years ago, I’m all ears. You can share these experiences with me. I know that sometimes just hearing a fellow woman say, “Girl, I hear you” can really help you shake off those icky feelings we have in our daily lives at the expense of assholes.

If you’re a troll who wants to tell me to die, that’s your right. But I’ll laugh and assume you have a tiny dick. If you’re a female troll, I’ll assume you’re trolling a feminist to impress a guy with a tiny dick. Either way you look like a fool. But I respect free speech and also I find it weirdly satisfying to get hate mail. Like, I pissed off a guy with a Confederate flag in his profile pic who thinks women should be sexually subservient? Thanks for validating me and making me feel even better about myself and my views. Stay mad, Chad.

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